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I'm Courtney Brickner, I'm a stay-at-home mom and the face behind The Crafty Brick. I have been an entrepreneur and run my own business in different areas for over 15 years. I started The Crafty Brick in 2019 and that was my first time being in the retail market. In a world where creativity and entrepreneurship collide, I am living my dream life. With my upbeat personality, expertise, and commitment to helping others I hope to inspire handmade business owners and crafters to step out of their comfort zones and achieve all their crafty goals. Through my digital business products ,  tutorials, and fun reels I'm spreading joy one crafty project at a time.

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You can catch me every week on Tuesdays at 5:30 PST on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook for Crafty Tuesday. I craft live and usually make something I haven't make before to share the side of crafting that isn't social media ready and can sometimes be frustrating.


I also have a craft competition once a month where I compete against another crafter. We use the same materials and make the same thing and see who can finish fastest and be crowned the crafty champion. It has been SO fun. If you want to see the previous competitions you can check them out here.

Business Products

I have learned so much on my business journey and it brings me so much joy to be able to help others on their journey as well. Both the products below are available at a discounted price for all attendees of the Summit. Just use code SUMMIT to save 50%.

The Crafty Profit Projector is the perfect system for you to get an accurate cost of your product and maximize your profit margins.

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My e-book is perfect if you struggle with taking photos and videos of your products. You don't need an expensive camera to be successful in your handmade business and I can show you how.

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I post on YouTube every week. You can subscribe to my channel here.

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